Opening Clarifiers

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Opening Clarifiers


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Hi folks
I just wanted to know what other people think about clarifiers being opened.
First off is it true !! Can you really open a clarifier or it that just the way they work.
Let me explain !!! ( this is for ssb obviously )
If you are talking on a stock factory radio that has never been worked on then is the clarifier allready open. You can talk to someone and if you dont clarify the signal voice then the other person will often times tell you that you are off frequency. That means the clarifier is open allready from the factory.

Or could it be that opening a clarifier gives it more range of adjustment. Making it possible to travel further between channels. ???

Or do you folks think the clarifier only works on receive unless it is open. Then the radio would transmit on a set frequency !! And the receive would be a slightly different frequency.

My opinion is that a clarifier is allready open by nature straight from the factory !!!

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