The TRC-458

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The TRC-458


Post by TheCBDoctor »

Realistic TRC-458
(Navaho series made by Tandy)

I wish to thank Warlock for sending me his TRC-458 and allowing me to take photos of the repair process. Since, I can’t find any of my old photos and information, I am starting from scratch.

The Realistic TRC-458 is actually made by Uniden and is in fact a First generation D858 four pin Washington in a different package.

There are a few differences between the Washington and TRC-458. The Mic Jack used with TRC is a 5 pin din. Only three pins are used out of the 5 pins. The Uniden uses a 4 pin standard Mic Jack using only three of the four pins. Both radios were made in Japan.

To any contrary belief the Japanese made and still make top grade electronics and this Radio along with many others was well made.

The rest of the radio differences are mostly superficial. There is no Sams Photo Facts for that model. Using the Sams #128 is fine. Everything except for the 5 Pin din is on the schematic. It is easy enough to figure out or find the pin-out. I am wiring up a Silver Eagle for that radio and will add the pin-out later.

Again, I wish to thank Warlock for allowing me to use his radio to make a complete Photo, Video, and Service Guide.

Respectfully as always,


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Post by TNT1450 »

I had one of those once. Whoever owned it had apparently messed up the modulation because it splattered all over the place, even with the power turned down. I took it and a bunch of other radios which were given to me to a hamfest where I sold all but the Navaho which sat there al day. A guy offered me a D-104 for it toward the end of the day, and at first I refused but finally took him up on the offer right before close of business.

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