Teaberry Stalker XV NO output AM or SSB, help?

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Teaberry Stalker XV NO output AM or SSB, help?


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Hi all, I bought a Teaberry Stalker XV knowing that it was a gamble as it was untested. Receive is good but it has NO output AM or SSB. The relay clicks from receive to transmit but no output.The RX light goes off when I key up but the TX light does not come on but that of course could just be that bulb is out, it does appear to go in to TX mode. It has some strange mod on the bottom with a relay attached to 2 points on the main board as you can see (pics attached) and then that is run from the relay to a headphone type jack attached to the outside of the radio. Does anyone know what it is? I may just eliminate it but not sure if that has to do with no output. Looking for any help please. Thanks to all who try. Adam

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UPDATE! My mic was bad so SSB does work however NO AM carrier and I found that VR6 which I believe is for AM output has been removed so this may be an easier fix if someone can tell me what to do for that so that I can get AM output. Thanks for any help. Adam
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