Linear amp pills popped?

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Linear amp pills popped?


Post by NoCorn »

I have a wildfire 200, it has some issues… when the amplifier is hooked up the power, AM/SSB, and preamp switches work and the leds light up.

The preamp works great.

When the Power switch is on, the mic is keyed up there is no transmission. The relay is kicking and side band has delay. When the power switch is off I can transmit and set the SWR.

My question are:

1.) is the transistors shot?
A.) what testing can I do to test if they are functional

2.) what else could it be?
A.) Nothing looks burnt up.

Thank you for your time!

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Post by MN785 »

Disclaimer: I don't have the slightest clue how to fix/build amps, just recalling some of the gold nuggets I picked up along the journey...

1) Maybe. I have no idea how that amp was built, can't even find a schematic, but if it is like most of the ones out there, look for a little quarter watt 10 Ω resistor between the pill's base tab and ground. Often times if the pill blows, that resistor will also burn up. If the resistor is shot, the pill is too.

2)Bad relay contacts on the transmit side?

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Post by MDYoungblood »

90% of most odd named brands are “Palomar” clones, find a schematic that looks similar to the amp’s transistor configuration.



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