need help wiring yeasu mic to ranger x9

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need help wiring yeasu mic to ranger x9


Post by RedBaron324 »

i have a Yeasu YD-844 id like to use on my Ranger RCI X9.. or on my stryker 955... any help would be much apperciated!

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Re: need help wiring yeasu mic to ranger x9


Post by MDYoungblood »

I wish I could help but I’m using an iPad so searching for schematics is a bit hard. The microphone in question might work but most ham radio mics use a closed circuit so a feature called VOX (voice operated transmit), when the radio hears a sound it keys up.
Look at the schematic for the Yeasu, it will show the mic wiring and mimic that to a schematic wiring for the 4pin radios.


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